The united kingdom federal government will continue to spend great britain State Pension, son or daughter advantages, and impairment advantages to those qualified into the EU after Brexit

The united kingdom federal government will continue to spend great britain State Pension, son or daughter advantages, and impairment advantages to those qualified into the EU after Brexit

Advantages after Brexit

When there is a deal and you work and spend social safety efforts in France, your British social safety efforts are going to be taken into consideration whenever trying to get French contributions-based advantages. This may take place even although you claim contributions-based advantages following the end associated with execution period.

If there’s a no deal, the French federal government has proposed that they can continue to simply take durations of work with great britain before Brexit under consideration whenever claiming particular French contributions-based advantages. We will upgrade this guidance whenever hot russian brides an understanding is reached.

If there’s no deal, the French federal government has additionally stated that British nationals with not as much as 5 years residence whom have the Revenu de Solidarite Active (RSA) ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU should be able to carry on getting the RSA advantage for a time period of a 12 months. Eligible UK nationals with over 5 years’ residence will also be in a position to continue receiving the power through the elegance duration and past.

Driving in France

Currently, as a result of considerable delays in processing requests to change offshore driving licences for French people, we suggest that you do not look for to switch your driving that is british licence a French one. You should continue along with your demand should your licence:

  • Has been stolen or lost
  • is expiring fleetingly (next half a year). This consists of the expiration of the entitlement or picture card
  • has to be amended to incorporate a/several brand brand new driving groups, such as for example in order to drive vehicles that are different
  • has to be exchanged since you committed an infraction towards the French Highway Code causing point deductions, a suspension system of the straight to drive or perhaps a termination of one’s driving licence

In most other instances, you do not need to exchange your licence to drive legally in France if you are resident in France before the day the UK leaves the EU. French authorities continues to recognise your licence as before Brexit.

Centre d’Expertise et de Ressources des Titres (CERT) will be reorganised to cope with the backlog with delays that is presently at 8 to one year.

If you should be in the act of exchanging your UK licence via CERT, don’t try to restore in parallel with DVLA since this will invalidate your CERT application. Applications in the united kingdom with an address that is french be prepared.

For info on driving in France, see the assistance with:

Bringing a vehicle that is uk-registered France

Browse the Union’s that is european guidance automobile enrollment and fees in France. You might be exempt from a few of these fees. If that’s the case, you shall require certificates of exemption.

Please speak to your neighborhood prefecture or read the French government’s assistance with driving in France having a licence that is foreignin French).

Driving after Brexit

If you have a deal, driving licence guidelines will always be exactly the same throughout the execution period (until 31 December 2020).

The UK leaves the EU, you will continue to be able to drive in France with your UK driving licence under the same conditions as any resident if there’s no deal, and you are already resident in France on the day.

If there’s no deal, British nationals going to France after Brexit need a 1-year duration to trade their UK driving licence for a French one.

You might manage to vote in certain British elections. You are able to:

Voting after Brexit

After Brexit, British nationals will not qualify to vote in neighborhood and European elections.

The French Ministry associated with Interior have actually a web page to greatly help British nationals residing and working in France (in French) which covers voting.

Births, fatalities and having hitched

In the event your youngster exists in France, you shall need certainly to register the delivery abroad.

If some body dies in France you’ll:

You may likewise require:

Accommodation and purchasing home

Study our guidance on:

You will definitely remain in a position to happen to be and through the British by having a pet, dog or ferret after Brexit, nevertheless the guidelines can change. You are able to read assistance with pet travel to European countries after great britain simply leaves the EU.

Whilst the UK is nevertheless an EU Member State you’ll be able to visit together with your animal into the EU beneath the present pet travel guidelines with your present EU pet passport. If you’re travelling with your dog the very first time you have to check out your veterinarian getting a pet passport.


It is possible to dial the European crisis quantity 112 in France, or dial:

  • 17 for police
  • 18 for fire brigade
  • 15 for medical

You can find guidance on rape and sexual assault in France if you have been the victim of a rape or sexual assault.

If you’re the victim of a nasty criminal activity, have already been arrested, or are influenced by a crisis abroad, contact the embassy that is british Paris.

Time for great britain

You ought to inform the French and authorities that are UK you might be time for great britain completely.

You ought to read our assistance with:

You ought to inform your neighborhood French taxation workplace (in French) you will leave that you are changing address and the date.

In the event that you get yourself a British State Pension, you need to tell the Global Pension Centre. If you receive A french retirement, contact your pension provider.

You’ll need certainly to inform your regional security that is social (in French) and advantage workplace you’re making in the event that you’ve been getting jobless advantage (in French) or youngster and housing benefit (in French).


These records is provided as helpful tips just. Definitive information must be acquired through the French authorities. The Foreign and Commonwealth workplace (FCO) just isn’t responsible for any inaccuracies in these details.

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